Progressive liberals are overstepping and becoming too dangerous. Liberals and Democrats in Richmond are a threat to our Constitutional rights and must be stopped. They are expanding access to abortions, using social media to muzzle conservative leaders, taking away our Second Amendment rights, and ending the death penalty. When elected, Rich Breeden will lead the charge to stop these out-of-control policies and will always fight for our conservatives values to be preserved in the General Assembly.

We saw in the last election how Virginia Democrats have stripped away voter ID laws and have made voter fraud easier. Democrats in Richmond will continue to push liberal policies that harm the fabric of our voting system. As an Air Force intelligence officer and founder of a cyber-security firm, Rich Breeden knows we must protect the integrity of our elections and he knows how to get it done. Rich will make protecting our election system and standing up for our elections his number one priority in the General Assembly.

As a father of four, a husband, and a Christian, he understands the importance of protecting our most vulnerable. Rich is 100% pro-life and will stand up to Ralph Northam and the liberal Democrat agenda against the unborn. As Delegate, Rich will be a steadfast supporter of life, and will craft and support policies that defend it.

Rich is a small business owner, so he knows what it means to sign the front and the back of a paycheck. He has seen firsthand the damage that liberal Democrat policies have done to small businesses in his community. As Delegate, Rich will use his knowledge and experience to reverse the damage done by misguided economic policies and reinvigorate Virginia’s Main Street. He will do this by cutting red tape, opening businesses after Covid-19, and pushing pro-growth policies for our businesses.

After leaving military service, our veterans are often faced with a multitude of problems reintegrating back into civilian life. We must do a better job preparing our service members for life outside of the military. As a twenty-year veteran of the United States Air Force, Rich understands the issues that our recently separated warriors face. As our voice in Richmond, Rich will work to pass legislation that provides critical assistance to veterans of our Commonwealth.

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT be infringed.” Rich always has been, and always will be a strong proponent of the words of our founding fathers. As our next Delegate, Rich will ensure that the Second Amendment rights of Virginians are not infringed upon by liberal Democrats or out-of-state special interest groups.

Conservative Republican Rich Breeden served as a Special Agent in the Air Force’s Office of the Special Investigation and has helped support our men and women in the FBI. Rich understands the sacrifice our law enforcement officers make as they lay everything on the line to protect us everyday. In Richmond, Rich will unapologetically stand with and defend our first responders and will push back on the ridiculous defunding of the police movement backed by Virginia Democrats.